Welcome to Live Hair Group.

We provide stylish hair in a fun and funky environment, utilizing our unique practice of dry hair cutting. Perfected by LHG owner Robert Wilson, dry hair cutting consists of cutting hair while it is dry rather than wet (which is more conventional). The results are more precise, healthier, and better tailored toward the desired hairstyle.

With more than 30 years of experience cutting hair, Robert creates a funky and exciting community – a little unexpected in Uptown. Stylists do not have their own stations in order to foster the community atmosphere. Robert is regularly seen walking around and instructing his stylists to create “scholars of hair”, as he says. Robert’s true passion is imparting his expert knowledge to his hair scholars so they may hone their skills to provide impeccable results.

So become a part of our family. We relax, have fun, share knowledge, drink (yes, the drinks flow freely – alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and have a great time just being ourselves. Plus, you’ll leave looking beautiful and feeling amazing – like “I wish I could run into someone I know today” amazing. You’ll also learn how to recreate your hairstyle at home so you can feel gorgeous each day.

Make an appointment by clicking on the scheduling link on the website, or give us a call. (We’d like to chat with you and learn more about you.) If you’re interested in joining our LHG team of stylists, give us a call as well. Robert loves to teach those who want to learn!

Hope to hear from you!

(Oh, and did we mention we have tempurpedic beds you lie on while we wash your hair and massage your head? Well, we do. You should come in and try one for the ultimate hair-washing experience.)